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Anne Marie Pauletta

Anne Marie Pauletta
Lived In:
Left and right kidney, two liver segments, heart and double lungs.
Date of Donation:
February 20, 2011
Anne Marie wanted to be an organ donor, even though she wasn't yet 18.

After she died tragically and unexpectedly, Anne Marie donated seven life-saving organs at NewYork Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia Hospital. 

Anne Marie was a student who worked during the summer at the immigration office in Washington Heights and at the Children’s Aid Society.

Her interests were reading and wrestling.

Anne Marie's mother is Jacqueline Rodriguez , who lives in Manhattan. She is engaged. Jacquelien has two other children, Kathryn and Alexandra.

Jacqueline says Anne Marie had seen an episode of Law and Order on donation, and it led to a discussion. Anne Marie had wanted to register to be a donor but she wasn’t yet 18.

On May 10, 2012, Jacqueline got to meet several of Anne Marie's transplant recipients. The meeting took place at the studios of Fox-TV in Manhattan. They appeared on "Good Day New York."

These are the recipients who got to say "thank you" to Jacqueline and her beloved Ann Marie:

• Anne Marie’s lungs went to a 25-year-old patient Denise DeMarco from Mastic Beach, NY. Since birth, she had suffered from Cystic Fibrosis. She loves talking on the phone, making cupcakes, and playing outside (for example basketball and tennis). 

• At the age of 51, Magdelane Robinson received Anne’s right kidney. A registered nurse, Magdelane had end stage renal disease and had been sick for five years during which time she was listed for a transplant. Single with two children, she lives in South Ozone Park and works as a Registered Nurse Educator. 

• Michelle Cook, from Far Rockaway, NY, received Anne’s left kidney. She had suffered from high blood pressure since the age of 12. She was 49 when she received the transplant. Single, she has one daughter and two adopted children.  

• Anne Marie's pancreas recipient was Ronny Nunez, who was 25. Of Spanish descent, single, and living in The Bronx, Ronny had diabetes for much of his life. In 2007, he was diagnosed with kidney failure. At that time, Ronny received a kidney from a living donor, his aunt. Thanks to his aunt and more recently, Anne Marie, Ronny is now a double transplant recipient. He works as a photographer in Manhattan, and also loves to dance and to socialize with friends.

At the donor family-recipient meeting, from l. to r.: Ronny Nunez (pancreas recipient), Magdalene Robinson (kidney), Jacqueline Rodriguez (donor mom), Michelle Cook (kidney) and Denise Demarco (double lung recipient).

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