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Rose Bowl Parade Featuring the "Donate Life" Float

Each New Year's Day, the world focuses its attention on Pasadena, California, home of the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl Game: a festival of flowers, music and sports unequaled anywhere in the world. A tradition dating back to the 19th century, the Tournament of Roses Parade is America's New Year Celebration.

Since our debut in 2004, the Donate Life Rose Parade Float has become the world’s most visible campaign to promote organ, eye and tissue donation. Our inspiring, celebratory and reverent float entries have become a popular mainstay in the parade, which is broadcast nationally by ABC, NBC,Univision, HGTV, RFD-TV and Tribune Broadcasting.

The annual Donate Life Rose Parade Float campaign supports the nation’s organ, eye and tissue donation and transplant community by:

• Presenting real-life stories of organ, eye and tissue donors and recipients on a world stage

• Reaching a diverse worldwide audience numbering in the tens of millions

• Engaging thousands of donor family members, transplant recipients, living donors,healthcare professionals and their affiliated organizations in a nationwide collaboration



Black History Month

During Black History Month, LiveOnNY celebrates the lives of people of color who have given the gift of life to others through organ and tissue donation, or who have received the gift of life.

It’s also a time when we seek to increase the number of organ, tissue and eye donors—urging every New Yorker of African origin to sign up on the New York State Donate Life Registry.


• African Americans represent 13% of the American population but make up over 34% of those on kidney transplant waiting lists in the US.
• Every day 18 people die waiting for life saving transplants; at least 5 of those individuals are African American.
• Currently in the nation more than 120,000 people are waiting for life saving organ transplants, and African-Americans represent over 33,000 or 29% of those waiting.
• In New York State, over 10,000 people are waiting on life-saving transplants; 3,070 or 32% are African Americans. The largest organ need for African-Americans in New York State is for kidney donation...the number of individuals waiting is over 2,800or 38%.
• The incidence of End Stage Kidney Disease in African-Americans with hypertension continues to rise daily.
• The numbers of African-Americans that have consented to donation in New York Metro Area as of December 2011 is 49%. The national goal for donation is a consent rate of 75%

1. Lack of transplant awareness.
2. Religious myths and misconceptions
3. Distrust of the medical community.
4. Fear of premature declaration of death after signing a NYS Donate Life Registry form.
5. Fear of potential preference for other races other than African Americans.


• All major religions support organ and tissue donation.
• In the case of an emergency the hospital's goal is to save your life; only if someone dies is donation considered and it involves an entirely separate medical team.
• A total of 2,253 African Americans have been recipients of a life saving transplant in the last five years and the numbers continue to grow.
Source: OPTN/UNOS STATISTICAL DATA as of July 1, 2011



National Donate Life Month

April is designated nationally as a time to promote organ, tissue, eye, blood and bone marrow donation awareness.

This special month was established by the United States Division of Transplantation.

Organ procurement organizations, hospitals, organizations, colleges and businesses across the United States schedule special events to educate the public and health care professionals about donation.

In the greater New York metropolitan area, LiveOnNY organizes donor registry drives to encourage as many as people as possible to sign up on the New York State Donate Life Registry. A major effort is being made to reach out to New Yorkers as they visit DMV offices, to encourage them to sign the registry.

Want to Participate in 2015?

If you wish to participate in an education program during National Donate Life Month in April 2015, including a donor registry drive, please call LiveOnNY at 646-291-4457 or e-mail us at


Transplant Games of America

The Transplant Games of America, is a biennial, four-day athletic competition for organ transplant recipients and living donors.

Team Liberty, comprised of members from New York City, Long Island, the Hudson Valley, Northern and Central New Jersey, and Fairfield County, Connecticut, are coming together to promote the success of organ transplantation and to raise awareness for the urgent need for organ and tissue donation. The men, women, and children of Team Liberty embody incredible spirit, courage, energy, inspiration, humor, sportsmanship, and friendship.

Since 1990, the Games has brought transplant and donor families together in the largest organ donation awareness event of its kind in a way that uplifts, inspires, and deeply touches everyone involved. Over 35 U.S. teams compete in events such as badminton, basketball, bowling, cycling, golf, racquetball, 5K race, swimming, table tennis, tennis, track and field, and volleyball.

Activities also include Opening and Closing Ceremonies and inspiring programs for donor families, living donors, transplant recipients and their families, and supporters. It's an event not to be missed!


August 1: National Minority Donor Awareness Day

National Minority Awareness Day is an observance across America to educate minorities of the desperate need for organ, tissue and eye donation and transplantation within the multicultural community.

It’s also intended to explain how to enroll in their state’s donor registry.

LiveOnNY encourages people of color to enroll in the New York State Donate Life Registry, a database of legally binding consent.

Many of the conditions leading to the need for a transplant — such as diabetes and hypertension — occur with greater frequency among minority populations.

If you wish to participate in an education program and donor registry drive within your community during National Minority Awareness Day on August 1, please call LiveOnNY 646-291-4444, and ask to be connected with the Communications Department. Or e-mail us at


National Hispanic Heritage Month

During National Hispanic Heritage Month, from September 15 to October 15 each year, LiveOnNY appeals to Latinos to exercise their right to be organ, eye and tissue donors by adding their names to the New York State Donate Life Registry.

LiveOnNY celebrates Latino culture and the love of life displayed by people of Hispanic heritage. In particular, we emphasize how Hispanics are among the most generous communities when it comes to giving the gift of life.

Want to Participate?

Email us at


National Donor Sabbath

In November each year, faith communities throughout the United States observe National Donor Sabbath.

Houses of worship hold services and programs focused on the life-affirming gifts of hope passed to others by organ, tissue, marrow, and blood donors.

National Donor Sabbath is endorsed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Want to Participate?

LiveOnNY asks all religious leaders to educate their congregants on the critical shortage of organ, tissue and eye donation. We ask you to join us in this blessed mission to save a life…and another…and another.

You're invited to enlist your house of worship to participate in National Donor Sabbath and thereby help to increase the numbers of New Yorkers on the Donate Life Registry.

For more information on how your house of worship can participate in Donor Sabbath, please contact Karen Cummings at or call 646-291-4454.