Living Organ Donation

Getting Started

Education is the first step. Connect with a transplant center to get started with the education process. Click here to go to the Resources section for a list of transplant centers that specialize in living donation. Review materials, talk to family and friends, talk with others who have been living donors and be sure to fully understand how donation will affect one’s family, physical and emotional health, financial and insurance status.

If there is someone you know and would like to help, talk to them first. Then find out what transplant center they have been listed at so that you can take the next steps with that center.

If there is an interest in becoming a non-directed donor, contact a transplant center of your choice to find out if they have this type of donation program.

If upon contacting the transplant center, interest remains strong, the transplant center staff will begin a psychosocial and medical evaluation. These tests are important to protect the donor and ensure the success of the transplant.