Just For You

Now that you’ve got a second chance at life, we hope you’re feeling well, and that your recovery is coming along just as expected.

So, what next?

For one thing, you can look forward to spending more time with your family and friends. Maybe you can get to do something you always said you would: take up a new hobby, learn something new at a college or online; travel, or just breathe in the wonders of this special place we call earth.

It could mean getting back to work or adjusting to a different lifestyle altogether.

Whatever you’re looking for in life, we hope that you find it.

As we try to increase donation in our area, you — more than anyone else — are “living proof” that donation and transplants save lives.

Please accept our invitation to become a part of the LiveOnNY community.

You have an opportunity in this section to share your story with us and to find out how to volunteer with us.