Just For You

United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) Patient Web Site:

  • The United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), which oversees the national waiting list for organ transplantation, has a very useful Web site for patients who may be looking for information. “Transplant Living” can be found at www.transplantliving.org.
  • A special section devoted to issues surrounding patients following their transplant is located at www.transplantliving.org/afterthetransplant/default.aspx.


American Society of Transplantation:

You will find information about medicines to keep your new organ healthy; medicines to help you avoid side effects, and medicines to help fight infection. There is also a practical guide that explains how to ensure that you take your medicine the right way. www.a-s-t.org/index2.cfm?Section=patients


    National Kidney Foundation (NKF):

    • A rich resource for kidney recipients, www.kidney.org includes sections on the transAction Council and the Transplant Games.
    • Specific information, such as Life after Transplantation; New Onset Diabetes: A Guide for Kidney Transplant Recipients, and Reducing Cancer Risk after Transplantation can be found at www.kidney.org/atoz/atozTopic.cfm?topic=3.


    Transplant Recipient Support Groups:
    Meet other recipients in your region and play an important role in helping to promote donation. Find a support group in your area.