Just For You

  • Please help us to get the facts out there about organ, tissue and eye donation. We urge you to send a clear message to your congregation that donation is one of the noblest expressions of compassion.
  • We need your support in our ongoing efforts to increase the number of people who enroll in the New York State Donate Life Registry. The more people who commit to signing the Donor Registry, the greater the chance they will become donors. Prior knowledge of a loved one’s wishes can be a source of comfort for family members when an unexpected loss occurs.
  • You can support donation in many ways, such as by:
    • Delivering sermons on the topic
    • Engaging in discussions with your congregants
    • Seeking out those in your congregation who may have been touched by donation and transplantation
    • Distributing New York State Donate Life Registry forms and other brochures
    • Coordinating programs with other houses of worship in your neighborhood