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  • New York State Donate Life Registry: New York’s Routine Referral Law mandates that hospital personnel alert an organ procurement organization (OPO) — such as LiveOnNY — for every imminent death and death. Once LiveOnNY is notified, the New York State Donate Life Registry — a confidential database administered by the New York State Department of Health — is consulted by authorized personnel to ascertain if the individual had enrolled.

    Attorneys can play a key role in increasing organ, tissue and eye donation by explaining to clients the full implications of the Donate Life Registry. It was established in 2006 and, as of 2008, records an individual’s legal consent to organ, tissue and eye donation upon death. Donor Registry FAQ
  • Advance Directives: There are several other methods for consenting to organ, tissue and eye donation in New York State that have equal legal validity. These methods include placing a provision in a person’s:
    • Last Will & Testament
    • Health Care Proxy
    • On the back of a driver’s license ID card or non-driver’s ID card
    However, these methods may not be as practical as signing the Donate Life Registry. When a decision on donation must be made, next-of-kin or other authorized persons may not be able to locate a Will or a driver’s license ID, or may overlook a Health Care Proxy. Clients should make sure that Executors and next-of-kin know the location of the client’s key documents.
  • Do Not Resuscitate: Finally, it is important to correct a fallacious belief that a “Do Not Resuscitate” order precludes the possibility of donation.