About Us

How We Work

  • We are dedicated to saving lives and to helping facilitate lasting legacies through the wonderful gift of organ, eye, and tissue donation.
  • All hospitals in the greater New York metropolitan area are required by law to notify LiveOnNY of in-hospital deaths or the imminent death of a patient.
  • Our compassionate and dedicated team works closely with the patient's family and discusses the opportunity to donate their loved one's organs and tissues.
  • If a family's loved one was enrolled in the New York State Donate Life Registry, our team will help to carry out the loved one's wishes to donate.
  • If the person was not enrolled in the New York State Donate Life Registry, the Donor Network seeks authorization for donation from family members or other authorized individuals.
  • Our team will then work closely with hospital personnel to recover suitable organs for transplantation (including hearts, kidneys, livers and lungs) and tissues (such as heart valves, cardiovascular tissue, bone and skin).
  • After donation, we continue to offer care to the donor's family. We provide bereavement support services for both children and adults. We share updates regarding the recipients of the loved one's gifts. We provide forums to meet and talk with other donor families and facilitate communication between a donor family and the transplant recipients.