What Organs Can Be Donated?

Kidney Transplants

Kidney Donor Information

The kidneys are responsible for filtering the blood, keeping it clean and maintaining a proper balance of water and electrolytes.  When the kidneys become overworked over a long period of time as the result of kidney diseases, they lose their filtering capacity and can no longer function.  The most common kidney diseases are diabetes and high blood pressure, but other causes of kidney failure include infection and certain genetic disorders.

With diabetes so widespread throughout the United States, kidneys are the most commonly transplanted organ by a large margin.  There are currently over 80,000 people on the kidney transplant waiting list.  Without a kidney transplant, these patients are often unable to live a normal life, undergoing painful dialysis frequently until a donor kidney is found.

With just under 20,000 kidney transplants performed each year, the need for donor kidneys has never been greater.  Tens of thousands of patients are still awaiting that life-changing phone call to let them know that a donor kidney has been found.

Registering to become a kidney donor is simple and quick.  Become a registered organ donor today and give the gift of live.